Corporate Massage


On-site massage treatments are brought to your place of work. This treatment is carried out in 10/15 minute sessions. It eases tension and stress, yet energises too. Employees feel valued and motivated, reducing absenteeism and increasing productivity.


I have carried out treatments and managed a team of therapists offering on-site massage for Google and EE several times.

Google 2016


Google 2017


A review from W@terstons IT company….

“We had great feedback on the corporate sessions last time,

members of staff said they wanted longer ” 40FE9EF2-5E24-4671-BE54-D56A7DEC2AE5





St Aidan’s College

On-site massage for students during exam weeks. A perfect treatment as it eases stresss yet energises too. Available in 10 or 15 minute sessions.
If your company would be interested in corporate massage please contact me


Volvo Summer Tour 2017 at Greys Monument, Newcastle 

A very busy day of on site massage for the public …who were very complementary about my treatments

NECS Durham Wellbeing Day

6th September 2017

Wow! …16 seated back, neck and scalp massages to release tension, ease aches and pains, relax and yet energise the employees of North Of England Commusioning Support – Partners in improving local health